Our Crypto Mining Facility Started Its Activities

Our new crypto mining facility started operations in early May 2019.

It has a total power capacity of 30 MW and provides the lowest sustainable costs in the world. Contact us to get a price for your ASICs and we'll help you invest with us.

Cripto mining

Cripto mining

As you know, the foundation of mining is the race to find the necessary value by performing complicated mathematical calculations. Mining devices perform many math operations to perform the hash function. In today's world where the number of miners is increasing, the best way to solve algorithms is computer power and how you use it. This is where ASIC comes in and offers you unmatched advantages with an incredible amount of computing power. With a 30 MW power capacity, you can multiply your probability of being one of the first to solve the algorithm. We're not playing games, we're mining, and ASIC is the most important proof that we're not playing games, just focusing on this. If mining is something you want to do and maintain, you should know that sooner or later all doors will come to us. All the market and profitability research you will take will lead you to act consciously. With our entire infrastructure and sustainability, we will always be here, join us and focus...

Some may say that it is impossible or difficult to achieve in this medium. What these people do not know is that sustainability will be the most important source of profit in this business. In just 10 years, what you've seen and what you're looking at is that the sustainable will always win. We are prepared for every situation in the short, medium and long future, and we will always be. The first and fastest way to achieve something is the right start. Wherever you are, you always start something. Nowadays, if you want to learn and apply how to make the lowest possible apparent costs and the highest possible gains, contact us.

The basis of being sustainable is that the stakeholders are happy, we will always be as you get results. What is necessary for gain is the method, experience, determination and most importantly, to be sustainable. If you agree, you're on the right track, all you have to do is focus on lifting your walls and winning. Yes, not everyone can, but you can. You have the right tools and methods that will allow you to walk, and we have this, let's explore together, don't waste time, because our way is long...